Sunday, December 20, 2015

Through These Doors

I have been around since the beginning of recorded history, standing quietly amongst many people and cultures. Through the years I’ve chronicled the ideas and ideals of those held in high regard, placing them without prejudice alongside those chastised for bravely stepping forward to contradict them.  I’ve brought to the frightened masses the tragedies of wars fought, along with the prophecies of those yet to come. To the inquisitive I’ve uncovered the wonders of outer space and the marvels of Nature. To the scholars I’ve met through the years, I’ve cataloged the words and theories of those who came before them. I stand without judgment behind the words of Queen and commoner; of patriot and traitor; of realist and dreamer; of politician and anarchist.
With many of my contemporaries, I have endured the roar of giants who’ve towered over us, doing all that is possible to stand firmly in the shadow of their powerful presence. Others less fortunate than I have fallen, but their contributions to the lives they’ve touched can never be erased or ignored. It has made those of us that remain stronger and more determined. As one, we lower our heads in humble thanks, forever grateful for those who continue to applaud our existence. We then raise our head high without contempt for those who’ve determined there is no further use for us, proving we will not be dismissed without a fight.
You can find me down the street or around the corner. I have welcomed your family and friends for generations. My wondrous tales of magical characters from far away places enchants the young. The tumultuous teenage years are often softened with my stories of others who have endured their same challenges. I share anecdotes of remarkable successes during times of prosperity, while other narratives are a source of fervent hope at times of misfortune. I offer to all the opportunity of a brief respite from the demands of their everyday lives, asking very little in return.
Each day as you pass through these doors, it is the expectation of the enjoyment my words will bring you and the contributions to the community we share that defines my existence. I don’t know how the giants of the industry feel, but I’m very proud to be your local independent bookshop.

©2015 R. Michael Phillips   All right reserved.
Photo ©GKChest, via Wikimedia Commons