Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Man's Review Is Another Man's Treasure?

This is certainly one for the books.Scathing Amazon Reviewer Revealed as Author Orlando Figes' Wife - AOL News Call me naive, but I was genuinely shocked by this. I'm sure many authors secretly harbor a bit of jealousy towards more successful contemporaries, but it surprises me to read what lengths someone close to them would go attempting to discredit a rival. A rival? They are fellow authors, writers who also devoted their time and energy to a subject they felt strongly enough to write about and present to the reading public. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, in fairness to the authors, it should be based on the work. To use it solely as a means to forward a personal agenda just isn't right.

It is the works of our contemporaries that paves the way for our own words. And it is our own words that define our place in the literary world.

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